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At MEL Services we know that not every job required a whole new door! So, we don't try to sell you one! We appreciate that you may just need a service agreement or a one-off fix!

Listed below are areas of our specialities in maintenance and servicing.

  • Industrial DoorsFrom spring replacements to panel changes, wicket door installation, general servicing and installing safety features. Industrial Doors come in two main categories, 'Sectional Over Head Doors' and 'Roller Shutter Doors' MEL Services offers service agreements on both of these types of doors as well as the less-common ones, like 'Compact Doors' 'Bi-Folding Doors' and 'Sliding Doors'
  • Domestic / Garage DoorsFrom repairing accidental damages, to upgrading and updating your doors from manual to electrically operated doors. As well as maintaining your doors to ensure they're operating to their optimum performance.
  • Dock LevellersProviding the ability to load articulated lorries at loading bays, 'Dock Levellers' are hydraulically operated platforms. MEL Services offer maintenance and servicing to keep them operating perfectly, or get them running again following any faults!
  • BarriersCommonly found at car park entrances and on the perimeter of restricted grounds, 'Automated Barriers' are great for allowing - or refusing entry to the other side! MEL Services, maintains, repairs and installs these barriers, as well as automating them and installing key controls!
  • Entrance SystemsFrom personnel key pads for security doors, to CCTV installation, MEL Services can offer a secure solution to protect your property or possessions. Please call us today to discuss any needs you may have.
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